Coomer is Funding his Fight Alone without the resources of a corporation. His Family and Friends have set up a GoFundMe to Get Him to His ‘Day in court’

The settlement of the defamation suit announced earlier this week between Dominion Voting Systems and Fox News surprised many, but probably shouldn’t have. While many are saying they are disappointed that Dominion didn’t take a stronger stance “standing up for democracy,” that wasn’t the point.

Dr. Eric Coomer, Vice President of Product Strategy for Dominion Voting Systems had to keep traveling as the COVID-19 pandemic surged to prepare for the 2020 election. Then due to death threats, he had to go into hiding and quit his career. Courtesy photo.

The point was to hold Fox News accountable for the damage from their lies about Dominion, its voting systems, and its employees. In a civil case in this country, money equals accountability. In this case, it was 787.5 million dollars; the largest defamation settlement in the history of the U.S.

As has been covered extensively by national news media, Fox News and friends such as Mike Lindell, Rudy Giuliani, and others face several more defamation cases from corporations. But they, along with former president Donald Trump, also face separate civil suits from individuals who it has been reported incurred harm from the “Big Lie” perpetrated about the 2020 election and as part of that, damage to these individual’s lives and reputations.

One of them is local Salida resident Eric Coomer, Ph.D., former Director of Product Strategy and Security, at Dominion Voting Systems.

He had to leave his job and go into hiding due to the threats (including a $1 million bounty on his head) by right-wing conspiracy believers that the election had been stolen.

On December 22, 2020, Ark Valley Voice reported that as a result, he filed a defamation suit against several media outlets and other purveyors of the lie that the election was stolen.

Coomer issued the following statement this morning regarding the Dominion v. Fox News settlement:

“I am encouraged by the settlement announced Tuesday in Dominion’s defamation case against Fox News. Some may be disappointed the settlement didn’t include an apology by Fox for making and airing false claims about Dominion rigging the election. Still, we should not forget that Judge Eric Davis, in his summary judgment, emphasized it was ‘CRYSTAL clear’ that none of the allegations about Dominion aired by the network were true.”

“As the former director of product strategy and security for Dominion, I was one of the early targets of conspiracy theorists and media outlets who took aim at election equipment providers because they didn’t like the presidential election results. Their efforts to sow doubt and lies about Dominion’s voting machine integrity, along with continued harassment and death threats, forced me to leave a 16-year career in an industry I love.”

“While I can no longer speak on behalf of Dominion, I commend company leaders for acknowledging the personal and professional toll that the ordeal has had on current and former Dominion employees and customers. I look forward to proving my own legal claims in the lawsuits I have personally filed against the originators and peddlers of ‘The Big Lie’ and about me and my role at Dominion.”

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